Cinnamon Moons

I know I post a lot of bread recipes, but... Goodness!  Bread is just so delicious!  We love it in my house and easily eat about 3 loaves a week.  And of course, our very favorite is the homemade variety!  Which brings me to the batch I made this weekend.  Saturday I opened the fridge… Continue reading Cinnamon Moons


Morning Sunshine Juice

Ok.  I'm admitting defeat.  I tried doing the no carb/low carb thing and I just can't.  It makes me feel awful and tired and cranky and never-endingly hungry.  And when, at the end of the week, I had GAINED weight instead of losing, I said fuck it. It's just not for me.  So I sat… Continue reading Morning Sunshine Juice

Rainy Day Soup

Since I am now trying to avoid "white carbs" I've had to be a little creative with my meals. My meals, until now, have revolved around bread, pasta or rice. My family is from El Salvador so most dinners are accompanied by rice and beans automatically. And I know, I know... I should replace my… Continue reading Rainy Day Soup

The Good Life and Brussel Sprout Salad (with bacon of course!)

For those of you that have been reading my blog.. Look!  I changed it!  I figured it was time.  The other look (dark, red, gloomy) seemed appropriate for the Me I was then.  I was full of angst and sadness and worry and the design I chose then, fit my mental state.  As you can… Continue reading The Good Life and Brussel Sprout Salad (with bacon of course!)

Stories, Recipes and New Year’s Eve Lasagna

I think I'm driving my children crazy. I feel very compelled, recently, to share the stories I remember. Stories of my childhood. Stories of my mother. Stories of the places we go to. Stories behind the food we eat. I'm filled with so many and I think my mom's death has made me incredibly aware… Continue reading Stories, Recipes and New Year’s Eve Lasagna

Goodbye Purple Kitchen!

The year is almost over.  And for some reason I'm anxious for the new year to start.  I keep feeling like once this year is done, everything terrible that has happened this year will be behind me.  That I'll be able to start fresh and move forward without constantly looking back and wishing things were… Continue reading Goodbye Purple Kitchen!

The Chicken I Managed Not to Burn

I'm still in the process of sorting through all my mom's things. And my own things. I have two of everything. In some cases more than two. Two tea kettles, two kitchen tables, two couches, three blenders and somehow 5 different coffee making apparatuses and 35 blankets. Its a constant game of survival of the… Continue reading The Chicken I Managed Not to Burn

Memory Filled Teacups and Leaky Sinks

We are finally (FINALLY!) moved in completely to my mom's house.  And although the first few days were strange and unorganized and so crowded with furniture that we could barely turn around or find each other in the maze of things... I feel like the house is slowly coming together.  We've been here since Saturday… Continue reading Memory Filled Teacups and Leaky Sinks

Rainy days and Cinnamon Tea

Today I got an IUD.  I'd been thinking about it for a while and after discussing options with my doctor, I settled on the Mirena.  It was kind of painful!  Thankfully, though, the process was quick.  But this is the funny thing. It made me cry. It suddenly made me angry that everything about being… Continue reading Rainy days and Cinnamon Tea

House Echoes and Gorditas

I finally feel like I'm making progress with our move!  The kitchen cabinets are empty, the bedroom closets are all packed up, the linen closet is cleaned out. The house is so empty that our voices echo when we talk!  I haven't moved the bigger items yet (bed frame, dressers, desks, couch) because I still… Continue reading House Echoes and Gorditas